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Hi, I've been out of the video game scene for a long time now, but I'm just getting back into it! I've searched around a bit under "Action RPGs" but a lot of the suggestions I could find were games that were very linear or even staged based. I really liked the free roaming aspect of Mega Man Legends, since I was able to go off and do many different tasks for other characters.

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Or even too new for that matter, since I'm only now just getting back into games! They're RPGs with a pretty cool active-time battle system. Mega Man Legends seemed entirely like a game of its own.

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It was nothing like the other Mega Man side scrollers you'd imagine. I sometimes wonder if 2D Mega Man fans found this 3D iteration very disappointing.

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I guess Mega Man Legends was just on a smaller scale, where most of the people you met always had something unique to say. Or at the very least, you didn't have to sift through as many random characters to meet them.

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I'll try to check through that site. The Fable games fit this description, at least 2 and 3.

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Of course, I like all the MM series. Demon's Souls, if you don't mind letting the game crush your soul and willpower. Thanks for the suggestions! I'll give those games a look. I also looked through that site from a few posts up and checked through a few of their genres lists.

It's hard to tell though sometimes what the actual gameplay is like for many of those games I'm eager to know if there's anybody else who's also played Mega Man Legends and knows of any more games!

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Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is worth a shout, it's notably different to Oblivion and if you don't mind the older graphics then it might suit you well. Also, isn't Zelda similar to what you're asking for? Not sure myself as I've never played it.

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I'm told Alundra is similar to Zelda though and I enjoyed Alundra and it's definitely what you're describing, if a little old-school in graphics again. The Fable series does indeed sound like it could be what you're after.

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Graphics don't bother me at all, any older games are fine. This may sound crazy, but since I never owned an SNES my only experiences with Zelda was over my friends house on their system.

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Vampire: The Masquerade sounds like what you're looking for. Other than that, the Fable series is all I can think of! All rights reserved.